Thursday, November 20, 2014

Has Mohammed Ali Of Jicho Pevu Been Fired By The Standard Media Group For His Perceived Support Of Muslim Radicalism?

Rumors on social media that Kenyan foremost investigative journalist has been fired are unfounded but legit. The reason given by the propagators of the gossip is that The Standard Media is not comfortable with Moha’s tweets that bordered on incitement and painted the media house in bad light.
Others claimed that Mohammed Ali was facing disciplinary action for being perceived to support radicalism of youths in the Mombasa.
Here are a few tweets from Moha:

#EndRadicalization Is a hashtag formulated by Kimaiyo to canvas the #KimaiyoMustGo

251 youths arrested with one pistol? Training in a mosque? Daganya toto jinga

Sijui hii serikali ya kusema na kuenda itakuwa na sura gani mpya ya kuomba jamii ya waisilamu kura mwaka 2017.

The Govt is radicalising the youths.They can't tell us who r the killers of the sheikhs and youths.Storming the mosque is an attack on Islam

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