Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I rather die: Betty Bayo claims after Husband Dr. Prophet Victor Kanyari expose

It did not come as a surprise when once celebrated gospel powerhouse Betty Bayo came out of the woodworks to distance herself from her husband Dr. Prophet Victor Kanyari after the expose on KTN by the investigative duo of Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu.
The self proclaimed prophet came up with an elaborate scheme of milking gullible Kenyans their hard money by claiming he could perform miracles if they parted with KES. 310 via mobile money transfer service MPESA. This came to the fore only after the journalists exposed how he choreographies his choir members to play people suffering from terminal diseases and how he is able to cure them by the word of God.
It was only after he fell out with a former assistant pastor that his nefarious and ungodly tactics that included using chemicals on his subjects to dupe them into believing that he could cure cancer and the deadly HIV virus came to the light.
To clear the air, Bayo turned to the social media to dissociate the activities of her husband from her person claiming that she was better dead than being part of such “blasphemous acts”.
Part of the post she wrote read:
"Anything that is unholy ..anything ..thats is ungodly.. anything that contradict my faith... Anything that mock the God who got me from wilderness humble beginning and raised me for His glory... i rather DIE ..that be part of it.."
Of course many are taking the denials with a pinch of salt claiming that she must have been in the know and only turned her back against her husband when things went south.

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