Monday, November 17, 2014

Impunity: Kenyans Security Agents Allowed The Akasha Family To Own Firearms And Even Supplied Them With Ammunition

Members of the dreaded Akasha family, who reined terror in Mombasa in their heydays, were allowed to own guns legally by Kenyan security officials and even supplied with ammunition. It is alleged by a local daily that agents renewed their gun licenses twice while the US-led sting operation was ongoing in what reeks of corruption in the high echelons of power.
According to the Daily, the wife of Baktash Akasha, who has been described as an international drug trafficker by Kenyan and US investigators, and Ibrahim Akasha had been assigned firearms and ammunitions by the Government. This is in sharp contrast with the Government pledge to fight drug traffickers ruthlessly.
Their father Ibrahim Akasha Abdalla ‘Sultan of Mombasa’ was murdered in the Netherlands in 2000.
The brothers are in police custody fighting extradition to US on drug related charges.

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