Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali Is Not Only A Terrorist Sympathizer But An Extortionist Who Preys On Senior Government Officials And Politicians……


The Office of the Inspector General has sensationally claimed that investigative journalist, Mohammed Ali, is an extortionist and a terrorist sympathizer. It is alleged by a section of the media that “Moha”, who has been vocal about the state of insecurity in Kenya, has unsuccessful tried to be awarded tenders from various Government institutions and denied getting some police reports. According to Kimaiyo’s Communication manager, Faith C Muthoni, Moha confessed to using the media to hit back at the Government for failure of awarding him tenders.

The Journalist is reported to have visited the IG’s office to look for a tender to supply stationary: “Unajua siku hizi kazi za kuajariwa tunafanya hatujui kesho nini itakuwa, mkikosa kutupatia kazi….”

Muthoni went on to state that Moha is a terrorist sympathizer and extortionist who makes his money by threatening senior Government officials and politicians. “Mohammed Ali is not only a terrorist sympathizer but an extortionist. It is in black and white that he reports negatively about police through malice, yet police have done a lot in terms of reforms”, she is quoted as saying.

Here is what Muthoni posted on her FB page:

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