Monday, November 17, 2014

Jicho Pivo Mohammed Ali Is A Terrorist Sympathizer Who Is Quick To Paint The Church In Bad Light And Hail Radicalization Of Youths and Clerics In Mombasa

Police raided Sakina and Masjid Musa Mosque in Mombasa to flush out radicalized youths on Sunday night. One person was reportedly shot dead in the ensuing confrontation as ten of youths were arrested and are now cooling their heels in Mombasa Police Station. Police were able to recover grenades and other crude weapons.
Mohammed Ali, who has been castigated on several occasion of siding with radical elements and painting the Church in bad light, posted a photo on his twitter handle with this rather bizzare wordings from a journalist of his standing: Why have a hand grenade without a safety pin in the Mosque. Hii daganya toto jinga itaisha lini?
This was the response from Kenyans:
@MohaJichoPevu Obama is going in not to search for terrorists thus respect, but police are searching for gangs no respect never..NO WAY
@MohaJichoPevu the most powerful president enters the mosque he removes his shoes, the police don't. #respect
@MohaJichoPevu The moment a holy place is usd for other purpose other thn warship it ceases 2be holy nt even to pigs...thus Masjid/ Sakina
@MohaJichoPevu -If Obama does that y not our men and women in uniform? Respect Islam and our place of worship.
@MohaJichoPevu you sympathize with terrorists go on post even more! You lost your touch long time ago!
@MohaJichoPevu as u have said >a classs eight drop-out doesnt understand the value of such important place . God bless u bro.
@MohaJichoPevu I wish you would be soft when a Christian is persecuted as you are when people with Islamic names assist police in investiga.
@mohajichopevu what were grenades doing inside the mosque even u respect our churches..
@mohajichopevu Obama is USA, tuko Kenya where Mosques and Churches are forests, Criminals 1sthave to respect the Mosque?
@MohammedsalaA @MohaJichoPevu Obama kwani Ni mungu
Seized Grenades by the police

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