Monday, November 24, 2014

Kajwang Will Be Given a Grand Send off with 40 Bulls, 100 goats and Sheep Slaughtered during Funeral

The late Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang will be accorded a burial befitting a man of his stature. According to the burial committee, viewing of the senator body will be at Kisumu Ofafa Hall on Thursday and an interdenominational prayer service will be held at the Homa Bay County Stadium.

The burial committee said that mourners will be treated to 600 hens and tilapia fish all worth Sh50,000. Also 40 bulls, 100 goats and sheep will be slaughtered during the funeral service, according to the members of the Waondo community burial committee. Mr Martin Opere, who is the Chairman of the burial committee, said that the funeral expenses will be met by Kajwang’s friends and members of his Waondo clan.

Clan elders are said to be engaging the family to avoid a controversy following the emergence of Ms Vivian Otieno who claims to be the second senator’s wife. The elders are trying to build a truce between Kajwang’s widow’s and Ms Faith to avoid further embarrassments.

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