Monday, November 24, 2014

KDF missiles killed 100s of Cows, goats, 3 Herders and Not Al Shabaab Militants as Claimed by the Deputy President, Abdulaziz Mohammed Reveals….

Claims by William Ruto that the KDF carried out successful airstrikes in camps used by Al Shabaab, and in the processes killing over 100 militants continue to be disputed. A blogger who goes by the name Abdulaziz Mohammed tweeted that the jet strikes instead killed cows, goats and 3 herders through his twitter handle.

The Al Shabaab waylaid a Nairobi bound bus and proceeded to viciously kill non Muslims who were travelling to their rural homes for the December holidays. According to Abdulaziz, a self styled security expert, the KDF jet strike only managed to kill innocent civilians. Some of his tweets read:

BREAKING: #KDF jets strikes in response to #ManderaAttack kill at least 20 people in Southern #Somalia. many of the dead are pastrolists.

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA • 16h 16 hours ago
i talked to one survivor of the #KDF strikes who told me they fired missiles at herders near #Mandera killing 100s of cows, goats & 3 people

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA • 16h 16 hours ago
BREAKING: #KDF jet strike killed hundreds of cattles near the border in #Somalia, claiming they have destroyed an #Alshabaab camp.

BREAKING: #Alshabaab wants to attack #Nakuru, #Kisumu and #Kitui - places that aren't expected an attack to happen. #KeepSafe

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