Friday, November 28, 2014

Kendi Ends Up Affair With White Lover For Having A Vasectomy-Russell Now Wants The Rides He Bought Her Back

One time music powerhouse Kendi break up with Russell Booth is headed for even stormy times after the Briton said he will be coming to Kenya to recover the gifts her gave that included two cars.
He is reported to have told Pulse:
“I am disgusted, furious and appalled with how the relationship ended and what Kendi, whom I loved with all my heart and wealth is currently putting me through.”
The distraught Booth bought Kendi two cars and spoilt her with a lavish lifestyle during their 2 year relationship only for Kendi to break the old man’s heart.
When reached for comment Kendi is said:
“I am well and healthy. In fact I plan to get into a relationship and have kids. It was Russell who had a vasectomy and he only told me about it in December (last year).”

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