Friday, November 21, 2014

Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Risk Being Stripped Nak3d By Embassava Touts

Before the death of senator Otieno Kajwang’, the talk of the town was the high number of stripping of women who were considered to be indecently dressed. Women even staged a demonstration dubbed #MyDressMyChoice to castigate the actions of the self styled moral police. Here is a list of potential candidates of stripping by marauding Embassava touts….
Corazon Kwamboka
She is in the league of the so called socialites. They thrive on showing acres of their flesh to gain fame, and for some, fortune.
Esther Passaris
Passaris is better known for lighting our city through her Adopt A Light Company. Robert Alai claimed that the super beautiful Passaris got lucrative tenders by sleeping with over 6 politicians.
Vera Sidika
The word socialite is synonymous with Vera Sidika who has a behind to die for. Her rise to fame and fortune resulted from the P-Unit ‘You Guy’ video she appeared seductively gyrating in a bed. She has gone to immerse considerable wealth and in the process bleached her skin to look lighter. Her skimpy dresses will definitely attract the ire of Embassava touts.
Vanessa Chettle
Controversy is what best defines Chettle. Just recently she and her crew were given a thorough beating after a lady found them with her husband in Vineyard club. She is rumored to be bi-s3xual and some claim she is married to some old white geezer. Her dressing is skimpy.
Huddah Munroe
Decency is a foreign term to Huddah Munroe. A sure candidate of being stripped by the Embassava bad boys.
Why she would want to show the world her mammary glands and not the boyfriend alone is a mystery.
Ciku Muiruri
She claimed that she was almost undressed for her provocative dressing. Hoping she learnt her lesson.
Her support for #MyDressMyChoice was ill advised. She went topless to make a statement that the rest of us don’t know…
Has any celebrity been left out of this list…..??

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