Monday, November 10, 2014

Kenyan Most Powerful Politician

Women are taking a more active role in the political destiny of Kenya. From the late Wangari Maathai who was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace prize to the mercurial Rachael shebesh. Although some of the featured politicians have either died or hold no elective position they have etched their names in our collective psyche.
Rachael Shebesh: Powerful and controversial
She has morphed from a Raila protégé to become one of the most influential personality in the Kenya political arena. Her beauty coupled with aggressiveness has endeared her to many and it did not come as a surprise when Shebesh easily clinched the Nairobi Women Representative seat garnering a staggering 626,287 votes. Rachael Shebesh political life has been full of drama that has kept her a constant fixture in the mainstream media and social networks. The political heavyweight was recently slapped when she stormed Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero office to seek audience with him over unpaid city council workers’ salaries. A scuffle ensued and at some point Kidero snapped and slapped her. According to the Standard Newspaper, Rachel Shebesh seems to be courting trouble as she was involved twice in physical confrontation with her erstwhile ally, Mike Mbuvi ‘Sonko’ in an upscale hotel. The Nairobi Women Representative has since stepped down from all parliamentary committees after reports of her altercation filtered to the media.
Charity Ngilu: The Queen of Ukambani Politics
She set a precedent by becoming the first female to run for the top seat in Kenya during the 1997 general election alongside the late Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Wangari Maathai. Although she was to emerge fifth in the presidential race it enhanced her status in the country political sphere. Charity Ngilu has served in the Kibaki regime where she held powerful dockets as the Minister of Health and also as the Minister of Water and Irrigation. Ngilu has been active in politics since 1992 when she clinched the Kitui central constituency seat. Currently, Charity Ngilu is the Cabinet Secretary for Land, Housing and Urban Development in Uhuru Kenyatta government.
Martha Karua: “The Only Man in PNU”
Although she has taken a backburner in the current political dispensation, Martha Karua is a force to reckon and cannot go unmentioned. Her presidential ambitions in the last general elections (2013) on a NARC-Kenya ticket she emerged sixth with a paltry 43,881. The ‘iron lady’ of Kenya politics played a pivotal role in agitating for democratic space during the autocratic rule of President Daniel Arap Moi. Karua was first elected to parliament in 1992 as the Gichugu Constituency Member and was the Minister of Water Resources Management and Development. She was to be appointed the Minister of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs in the Kibaki. Although she is in the political cold it is only a matter of time for the iron lady to bounce back.
Esther Passaris: Destined for Greater things
She managed a decent third position in the last general elections garnering over 200,000 votes on the Kenya National Congress party. Esther Passaris ambitions of becoming the Nairobi County Women Representative stand a good chance in the 2017 general elections. She is one of the most beautiful and classy politician to have bestrode the Kenyan political scene. This coupled with her business acumen thrust her in good stead in the next general elections. She is also the brains behind adopt a light that was hugely successful.
Raychelle Omamo: Powerful By Virtue of the Position she Holds
Her appointment to the plum and powerful position of the Defence Secretary has raised the status of the Raychelle Omamo in the political circles. Her performance during the Westgate attack left many asking if she was suited for that position. She was invincible even when the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) stormed the mall to flush out the terrorists. Raychelle Omamo is hard pressed to explain how shop owners lost their wares. It is alleged that the KDF were on a looting spree during the operation to neutralize the Al-shabaab. She is powerful by virtue of the position she holds.
The Late Wangari Muta Maathai: Environmentalist Par excellence
The late Wangari Muta Maathai put Kenya on the world map by being the first African woman and Kenyan to receive the coveted Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. Her efforts to conserve the environment, planting of trees and championing of women rights also won her many international accolades. Before she succumbed to ovarian cancer complications in 2011, Wangari Maathai served as an assistant minister in the Ministry of Enviroment and Natural resources in the Kibaki regime. The firebrand activist was a constant headache to the Moi government as she was on the forefront in opposing some warped derivatives by the former president. She, for example, vehemently the construction of a 60 story building in Uhuru Park that would house the KANU Headquarters, galleries, malls the government owned Kenya Times and provide parking space for thousands of cars. Government at the time labeled her as a ‘crazy woman’ and Moi thought she and others opposing the project "insects in their heads". The pressure of the Green Belt movement led investors to bolt from the project. Wangai Maathai was also involved in agitating for the freedoms that we enjoy today.

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