Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ms Wambui Is Seeking Sh1,316,710 in maintenance, Sh3,354,500 in Schools Fees For Their Three Children And Sh10 million Insurance Cover From Transcend Media Group Proprietor, Mr Michael Njeru, In What Promises To Be A Vicious Divorce Case.....

Transcend Media Group proprietor, Mr. Michael Njeru, is set to join the league of prominent men sued by their spouses for maintenance. The estranged wife, Ms Anne Evelyn Wambui, filed for divorce on grounds of cruelty, infidelity, assault and lack of respect in their 21 year marriage.
If Ms Wambui has her way in the corridors of justice she will set a precedent as the most expensive ex-wife. Mr Njeru has been ordered to surrender his firearm and license after Ms Wambua expressed that he could use it to him her and their children.
She is seeking for a mind boggling Sh1,316,710 maintenance quarterly and a further Sh3,354,500 in schools fees for their three children and additional Sh10 million insurance cover.
The lady wants the court to issue restraining orders against the husband accessing their Lavington home or attempting to throw her out.

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