Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nurse Murder’s over 40 ‘annoying’ patients and poses with the copses…See Photos

A nurse is in police custody after photos emerged showing Daniela Poggiali smiling as she stood over corpses in a Central Italy hospital beds. The nurse is reported to have killed patients who made demands that irritated her by using deadly doses of potassium.

The police became suspicious following the unexplained deaths of over 40 patients in the hospital. Poggiali asked her colleague to take the photos as she posed with the corpses.

The Nurse who took the sickening photos told Corriere della Sera:

"She [Poggiali] was particularly euphoric and wanted to have a photo next to the dead body.

"I didn't have the courage to say no, as she is a vindictive person.
"She used to give laxatives to patients only to make life difficult for nurses on the next shift."

Poggliali, who is in police custody awaiting trial, is receiving massive fan mail from admirers who are mesmerized by her beauty.

A prison spokesman said: "Over the last few weeks since she was placed here there has been a steady stream of letters from males.

"Most of them say how pretty and good looking they think she is, and one or two have even contained proposals of marriage."

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