Office End Year Party Dress Code Ideas


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By George Ngigi
The festive season is just around the corner when we make merry as we usher the birth of Jesus Christ and the New Year. Many organizations will be preparing special end year parties for their staff members and clients. Ken Ngigi explores the type of attires that you should don during this once a year occasion…
Plan Ahead
Planning the type of outfit that you are going to wear to that office party will probably give you the upper hand of looking better than most of your colleagues especially if you have to dress to impress. Don’t be that guy who chose his party wear the last minute lest you be astonished that the attire you mostly trust is wrinkled or dirty or you did not remember to wash and iron that fitting shirt and probably you do not have free time between your work hours and the party. Its way more better to rush home after work and find that special wear that you kept ready in the morning, well laid out on the bed rather than wasting time trying to decide what you want to wear. Also get to know in advance if there is a dress-code for the party. This will save you a lot of hustle in deciding the outfit which suit’s you better, also it will save you the embarrassment of under or over-dressing.

Do not put on the everyday work attire
Do not put on the normal attire you do during the normal work days. Be different for a change. For example, that great suit you normally wear to work, don’t put it on during that end year party. If there is a dress code for that party, the easier for your choice of apparel. If there is no dress-code, do not be very casual, a more safer choice would be a good blazer, a fitting trouser (not tight fitting) and a nice fitting dress shirt. Do not be stiff, also add a little more color.
Always remember to carry a stain remover that can easily fit into your pocket for a fast wipe just in case you get a coffee or wine spill on you during the party and you do not want to spend most of your party time explaining to every Tom, Dick and Harry how you got that stain on you. The stain remover will be of good use especially if you are wearing expensive clothes.

Relax and enjoy the party.
While at the party, do not drink too much. Be easy, I know it might sound awkward but do not take vantage of the bar or try hogging food; remember, you want to be remembered as that guy who came and blew everyone away. Drinking too much can make you make a fool out of yourself. There’s music? Have fun, go for it and break some of those moves you have been meaning to show everybody at your place of work, but remember, do not over do it.
Mingle with everybody, talk to other people from those other departments in your place of work, introduce yourself to the C.E.O, Director or those high ranking personnel in your company; but remember, do not talk much about work; but instead keep the conversation simple. Do not talk about politics or religion, don’t be that guy. Balance your conversation, as you talk, listen to what other people are saying. If you feel like you need to get out of a conversation, excuse yourself that you need to catch up with someone or you need to do something.
However optional the event might sound or be, make sure you turn up for the office party. You do not want people to get the idea that you are not a team player.
Enjoy the end year party, it only happens once.

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