Thursday, November 13, 2014

Raila Odinga running scared over Development Projects By Jubilee In Kibera with Residents booing him

Photo: Daily Nation
The political grip of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, in Kibera slum is gloom thanks to the many development projects by the Jubilee Government. Raila yesterday toured the expansive slum with a message that the projects were his brainchild when he was the Prime Minister but the then government declined to give him funds to complete what he envisioned for the residents of Kibera.
The political heavy weight message did not go well with the slum dwellers who told him in his face they wanted vitendo and not vitendawili. Raila looked lost with only a few people lending him a hearing. He blamed the Jubilee government of playing politics with the development agenda in the slums. The projects are being carried out by the National Youth Service and the locals are overly excited with the developments that have seen roads expanded and toilets constructed. Raila has been their MP for the last 20 years and his track record has been dismal.

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