Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ruth Matete: Opens Up About the Physical Abuse in The Hands of her step Father

Tusker Project Fame Season 5 winner Ruth Matete revealed how she was abused by her step dad on this month issue of True Love magazine. The talented gospel artist opined that her parents gave birth to her while they were both in high school and later remarried different people.

Her early childhood was troublesome after being subjected to physical abuse by her step father who would not allow her to attend school. Her biological mother was helpless as she also received doses of abuse from the husband. Here is what she had to say:

“My step- dad hated me. He would beat me up and my mama wasn’t spared the beatings either. I wasn’t enrolled in school at all. I was required to do the housework and I was barely a child myself. I would cook, fetch water and firewood while taking care of my siblings. I had never worn shoes.”

Ruth moved to Nairobi to live with her actor father Abel Matete only for her step-mother to start mistreating her. Her dad was to divorce the wife and vowed never to remarry to protect her daughter from further abuse. The relationship between the father and daughter is enviable and the dad will never hesitate to shield the daughter from bad publicity.

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