The Blogger Who Claimed Nameless And Wahu Were Headed For A Bitter Divorce Over Allegations Of Cheating And Siring Their Second Born Daughter Out Of Wedlock Now Apologizes


The hottest rumor in town last week was the impending divorce of Nameless and Wahu over allegations of cheating. According to rumor mills that were started by George Moseti, Nameless carried a paternity test that revealed he was not the biological father of their second born child. Other bloggers took up the story and it went viral.
Now the rumor monger has come out to distance himself from the false story claiming he got the information from another blogger.
Here is what he had to say:

“I would like to apologise to Nameless and Wahu over the divorce story that I posted on my wall. I have heard everyone condemning me and claiming that I fabricated the story…well I got the story from a blogger who I can’t remember the first name, his second name is Nyanchama. I also want to state clearly that I am not a blogger, I am a Facebooker and I didn’t expect to catch any attention from the media by the posting I made since in my imagination I thought the info is in the public domain.I have been trying to get the blogger since morning without success. Again my apologies to the Nameless family.”

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