Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The war of words on Social Media between Robert Alai and Bishop Kiuna getting Hotter by the day

It seems this is the season of bashing ‘men of the cloth’ following the expose of Dr. Prophet Kanyiri by Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu. The unforgiving Robert Alai took to the social media and posted the home of the Kiuna’s with a caption that read: ““What Allan and Cathy Kiuna have built from your sweat while you are still waiting for some white God to come rescue you.”
Kiuna's Luxury house
The Kiuna’s, who command a respectable following consisting of celebrities, responded by posting a photo of themselves at a golf course with a caption that read: “Had a wonderful golfing day in Pretoria. As haters hate, I am enjoying the goodness of God. Love y’all n c u Sunday!”
This did not deter Alai who equated the picture and caption as akin of showing his stupid followers the middle finger. The to and fro between the JCC’s pastors Kiuna’s and Alai seems to be only starting.

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