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Top Ten Five Star Hotels in Nairobi to take your date for a sumptuous Meal

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Are you planning to treat your date for lunch or dinner at a five star hotel in Nairobi? Some of the prices may be a bit exorbitant but with a little saving and sacrifice it is manageable for the average John-and it’s not like you will be eating there every other day. Let’s check out the top ten five star hotels in Nairobi and how much you will cough for a meal.
Carnivore: Located Along Langata Road
This is an old name in Kenya hotel industry associated with the Tamarind Group. Lunch and dinner buffet goes for KES 2,920 and 3,365 per person respectively. Thereafter you can hit the disco for a deserved romantic dance to forget your financially woes.
Hemingways Hotel: Located along Mbagathi Ridge
Classy is what defines this grand hotel. The luxurious hotel looks fabulous at night thanks to the lighting that makes it stand out. The underside is that they don’t offer buffet-the setting is however romantic for a lunch or dinner date. A plate of lunch goes for 4,500 to 5,000 per person. Arm yourself with 15,000 and pray that your date orders for some reasonably priced meal if you are a sufferer. The hotel has also elegantly done rooms with private balconies. It will be romantic to spend a night at the hotel if you have a budget for it.
The Sankara: Located in Westland
Its still an infant in the hotel industry with majorly a young well-oiled clientele. Sankara boasts of spacious rooms with world class spa. If you have the intention of taking your Valentine date to this world-class hotel arm yourself with KES 2,700-3,000 per head for some sumptuous meal.
InterContinental Hotel: Located Uhuru Highway
The name InterContinental Hotel is intimidating but the meals are surprisingly affordable-I mean Buffet!-goes for Sh2,600 to 2,700 for lunch and dinner respectively. InterContinental has hosted the high and the mighty in the world including US Vice President Joe Biden. The Hotel is associated with the old money in the Kenyan elite circles.
Tamarind Group: Located Along Haile Selassie Avenue
If you are looking a sumptuous meal for your Valentines date then Tamarind hotel is the answer. The hotel is reputed for having some of the best meals in Town. Then you have the advantage of selecting from a wide range of meals from seafood to barbecues. Lunch and dinner at Tamarind goes for Sh3,000 to 4,500 respectively.
Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club: Located in Muthaiga
This hotel that is associated with the late John Michuki oozes class. This British designed hotel is well known for attracting senior citizens for a round of golf. It is ideal for a quiet time with the one you love for a dinner date. For only Sh2,300 you can have a lunchtime buffet-per person.
Ole Sereni: Located Along Mombasa Road
Ole Sereni has cut a niche as one of the most opulent hotels in Nairobi. While enjoying your meal with your Valentines date you have the double advantage of seeing the Zebras, Ostriches and other wild animals. Buffet at this 100 room and suite magnificent hotel goes for 2,750 for lunch and Sh3,000 for diner.
Safari Park: Along Thika
This, like Windsor Hotel, is associated with the old money. Safari Park is one of the oldest five star hotels in Kenya. Buffet for per head go will set you poorer by Sh 2,750 for lunch and sh2,950 for dinner. This is a nice hotel to take that special someone.
Serena Hotel: Along Kenyatta Avenue and Ngong Road
Serena is a big name both locally and internationally. This hotel is associated with moneyed tourists and the Kenya elites. If you and your date enjoy sea food then Serene is the place. Every Friday-this Valentines falls on Friday 14th-Serena indulge you in sea food for dinner. Lunch will set you back by sh2,800 while dinner is Sh 4,000 per head. Serena hotel is Serene for a romantic date.
The Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi: Along Chiromo Road
This name is rather complicated and not common with the average Kenyan. That aside, Villa Rosa Kempinski has 200 rooms that are tastefully designed. Meals at this hotel go for sh3,000.

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