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Top Ten Kenya finest Dancehall artistes…….

Dancehall music is one of the most popular genres in Kenya. Over the years Kenya has produced some of the finest dancehall artists in Africa notable among them Wyre and the bad than most hit maker Redsan. Other reggae artists who got international acclaim include Ousman and the late Mighty King Kong. The popular dancehall tunes are no longer associated with the riff raff of the society as the genre is gaining a foothold with the affluent. Almost all radio and TV stations in Kenya have a dancehall show to cater for the ever increasing dancehall fans. Here are some of Kenyan notable dancehall acts.
Wyre: It’s an Uprising
Multi-talented, humble, cool are some of the adjectives that can define Wyre who has worked with the crème del a crème of reggae artists. The award winning dancehall artist has collaboed with the curvy Cecile, Gramps and Peter Morgan and now the super fine Alaine. The love child won the prestigious Best New Entertainer award at the just concluded International Reggae and World Awards. His performance at the ceremony held in Florida was electrifying. The love child as he is popularly known is able swing from ragga, reggae and dancehall with much ease. Wyre was a member of Necessary Noiz before he went solo. His latest single Nakupenda featuring Alaine is receiving massive airplay in the local radio and TV stations.
Nazizi: The Reggae first lady
She has taken a long hiatus in the music scene but her hits are still fresh as ever. The dreadlocked artist has over 17 awards and she is the most celebrated reggae queen in Kenya to date. Nazizi like Wyre and Redsan has worked with big names in Reggae music including Jamaican superstar Ginjah and Ugandan Bebe Cool. One of her most popular hit is Jump and Shout which received positive reviews from music pundits.
The Red hot Redsan
He is arguably one of the hottest ragga and dancehall act in Africa. The red hot dancehall whiz latest hit single badder than Most featuring Demarco has dominated the local airwaves making him the finest ragga export from Kenya. Redsan has four albums under his belt that have received favorable reviews from music critics. He released the much acclaimed debut album Season of the san in 2002, Pioneer (2006) and Versatility (2009) that propelled him to enviable heights. The multi award winning dancehall king latest exploits have seen him sign a lucrative publishing deal with Rockstar Publishing that will take his music to a global audience. Redsan most memorable hits include Julie, Who is the Chicken Now, step on it and Yule Pale.
Shamir: On Fire
The mellow voiced Shamir has one of the most popular reggae single to have ever hit our airwaves. On Fire was so hot that reggae enthusiasts thought the song was done by a Jamaican artist. Shamir vocal prowess is undeniable and his legions of fans are optimistic that he will be releasing more vibes to quench their reggae vibes. Currently Shamir is working with GrandPa records. The artist has been featured in the popular party anthem Fimbo ina chapaa.
Hope Kid:
Like most Kenyan Ragga artists, Hope Kid borrows heavily from the Jamaican patois when dropping his sweet vibes. He is a decorated ragga artist having bagged the 2013 Groove Award for Reggae/Ragga Song of the Year. Hope Kid sweet vibes are danceable and are sure to lift your spirits. The gospel ragga artist is destined to greater heights if he remains consistent.
Versatile Kenya: The new Kid on the block
He is giving his Uncle Wyre a run for his money. Music pundits have gone as far as alluding that he will overshadow the love child. Versatile Kenya whose songs that are delivered in Jamaican Patois has been signed by Champion Squad deejays based in Miami that have a bias for reggae, dancehall and ragga. The nephew of Wyre was nominated for the prestigious CHAT Awards in 2012 a clear testimony of his vast talent. The Miami based Champion Squad ensures that the 21 year old artiste features in riddims with established superstars.
Kevoh Yout: Taking Gospel to new Heights
In the gospel ragga circles Kevoh Yout is one of the most talented artists whose flow laced with Jamaican Patois wows his growing legions of fans. Kevoh Yout has churned over 20 songs that are receiving favorable airplay. The multi-talented artist has been nominated in the prestigious Groove awards promising artiste category 2008, Ragga/Reggae Song of the year (No More) 2009, Male Artiste of the Year 2011, Album of the Year (Determination) 2011 and Ragga/Reggae Song of the Year (Determination) 2011.

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