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Useful Tips When Selecting Bridal shower gifts.......

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Bridal shower is an event held during the preparation for a wedding and just before the wedding. The guests to bridal showers are usually the close friends, associates and relatives to the bride to be. Thus the guests will be expected to be able to choose wisely worthy and appreciable gifts. Below are a few factors to consider when choosing such gifts.

Personal budget
To most people, the line between average, modest, affordability and generous is quite blurred. Some people will consider a 1000 dollar gift as modest since to them its affordable, while others might sweat in raising 100 dollars. This is not the time to compete – stick to your financial ability. Nevertheless, a budget of 30-50 dollars would do for most situations. Again, this is not the time to remind people how financially constraint you are, a one dollar gift might raise serious doubts about your motive altogether!

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Gift list
Some couples might have a list of things needed by the couples for their wedding preparation. It is useful to enquire if such a list is available especially when you are considering buying gifts that may assist the couple in their wedding preparation. For example you might buy utensils and cutlery that may also be useful during the wedding.

Don’t buy gifts that might be offensive to the bride. Wine glasses will be a great idea if the couple are known to take a glass or two of wine. But if the couples are conservative or even devout Christians, you might want to consider a more useful gift. You need to find out about the taste of the bride. If you have no idea, get a close friend to accompany you on your shopping trip.

If you have special talent or skill in some craft, you might consider giving such articles. For example a hand made basket or dress might not be very expensive but its uniqueness is very precious indeed!
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