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Why prenuptial agreement is important.......

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It is normal for two lovebirds to be overly excited on their impeding marriage. The partners spend big chunk of money and invest the better part of their time in planning for the one day in their lives that matters most. This one day, they hope will hold beautiful memories they will live to remember.

On this day, the groom and bride vow to be there for each other through thick and thin. As they say this, they probably hope to have more of the healthy, rich and better days. They swear that though they may face some hardships, their love is strong enough to conquer the bad days. They promise to live coherently and that only death can cause a separation between them.

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Wedding ceremonies symbolize a new start. They signify the end of a lonely life and the dawn of a new fresh start with your spouse. Unfortunately, not many end up having the happily ever after days. Research carried out unearths that nearly half of the marriages today end up in separation.

It is ironical that people are always so ready to insure their cars, lives, houses, businesses and so much more but not their marriage relationships. After spending so much time and money into that one day, few have the will to fight for their marriages to last. If you do not sail in this boat then you do understand the relevance of signing a pre-nuptial agreement before finally saying your vows at the aisle. The pre-nuptial agreement is a necessity no matter how much you trust your partner.

Once domestic feuds begin to crop up and emotions take toll on each of you, a divorce seems inevitable. This is where a pre-nuptial agreement comes in handy. At this point, each one of you has probably already hired a personal lawyer to represent you. A prenupt clearly states what each of you is to leave with from the marriage union. It clarifies the division of all the property that the two partners initially jointly owned. In cases where both partners contributed to purchase an item, the commodity is sold and the money from the sale divided equally.

Usually, the prenupt is signed even before the two individuals wed. It should be viewed as a kind of business contract. Both partners at this moment are usually open and free to each other. Thus it’s not difficult to disclose all the assets each partner owns.

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