Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Willy Paul Vows To Stand By His Girlfriend Even After Drug Abuse Allegations...

Award winning Gospel singing sensation Willy Paul has admitted that his girlfriend abused drugs but that was in the past. The singer has been in the news for his rather unflattering sex scandals that have painted him in not so glorious light.
Willy Paul seemingly borrowing from Jesus parable of 'casting the first stone if you are pure of heart' chose to stand by the girlfriend. This is reportedly what he had to say:
Willy Paul Msafi
"People change.... I have made a stand... to stand with my girlfriend through thick and thin.... she had a very bad past but now her life is all new.. thanks be to God... I love her so much and will do everything possible to make her happy especially now that shes all new... everybody has a past so I don’t think it’s wise for anyone to judge her. No one is perfect... you can hate but that won’t change the fact that she’s changed. .. only God can judge."

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