Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wycliffe Abok Who Was Featured On K24 Young Rich Program Is Another Fraud……

The number of con entrepreneurs who are trying to sanitize how they made their millions is on the rise. First it was Business lady Mbula Maingi who was featured in the Daily Nation among the top women entrepreneurs. The same paper had six years ago reported that Deborah Maingi had stolen Sh35 million under the headline: Oil Cashier Charged Sh35 million with 35m theft. It is reported that Mbula pays journalists handsomely to present her as a legit business lady.

Shortly afterwards we were treated to one Wycliffe Abok who was featured on K24’S Young Rich waxing lyrical how he had made his millions. Victims who have fallen prey to Wycliffe Abok conmanship exposed him on the Facebook Group Buyer Beware page. To date K24 is yet to retract the story hoping that it will die a natural death.

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