Friday, December 5, 2014

Al Shabaab Shot Down Kenyan Fighter Jet Though Army Denies It Was The Militants Group…..

A Kenyan military jet was shot down in southern Somalia by Al Shabaab militants although the army claims the crash was as a result of technical failure. This is the first time a Kenyan fighter jet to be brought down by the militants.
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The Al Shabaab blew the aircraft with a missile as it began an offensive in Buulo Gaduud, approximately 30 km from Kismayo.

Mohammed Ali, a resident of Buulo Gaduud, told Radio Risaala that he saw the plane burning in the air after heavy gunfire from suspected Al Shabaab fighters. Army Spokesman David Obonyo told the Standard that the aircraft crashed after developing technical issues. The rebels said that the pilot burned inside the plane.

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