Blogger Claims President Only Asked Kimaiyo and Lenku To Resign Because It was Kikuyus Who Were Massacred…..


Kenyans were agitating for the resignation of Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo following the spate of terrorism attacks in the country by the Al Shabaab Militants. The President was under pressure from Civil Society and the opposition to either fire the two or resign.

The Head of State did the honorable thing and asked the two to step aside after failing Kenyans miserably. Blogger Robert Alai however believes that the President only acted because the victims of the latest massacre are from his Kikuyu ethnic background. Most of those who were killed hailed from Chakain Nyeri County.
Here is what he posted on the social media under the ..

President Uhuru now makes people feel that he only SACK or takes action when his community is most affected.
Mpeketoni saw platoons deployed and curfew imposed. Same with other areas where members of his community have been victims.

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