Monday, December 1, 2014

Child Suspected To A Follower Of Al Shabaab Hurls A Grenade At A Man For Talking Loudly On Mobile Phone..

A child believed to be a follower of Al Shabaab hurled a grenade at a man after he was irked by the man’s behavior of talking rather loudly on his phone. It is alleged that the kid threw the grenade at residents of Bula Punda area in Garissa injuring the victim’s hand.

According to witnesses and police, the child was angered by the man’s mannerism while talking on the phone. The North Eastern regional CID boss Musa Yego told a section of the media that they are carrying out investigation to establish if the attacker was a child.

“We want to know if it is true the attacker was a child and how he got the explosive. He threw it as some of the residents tried to inquire what he was hiding under his clothes,” Yego told The Standard.
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Area resident has earlier raised the alarm after spotting the boy in a group of men near Kenya Power substation behaving suspiciously. Al Shabaab, who have reined havoc in Garissa and other parts of the country, may be indoctrinating children to join their ranks further complicating the slippery security situation in the country.

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