Deputy President William Ruto Brother Lives Below The Poverty Line While He Enjoys The Trappings Of Power


It is expected that if one is in a position of influence family members should be the first to benefit. The trickle-down effect comes in form of well paying jobs, lucrative tenders and other goodies.

While this is the expected norm, some people believe their family members should sweat it out like everyone else. This is best exemplified by Deputy President William Ruto brother who wallows in poverty as his brother enjoys the trappings of power.

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According to the Star, William Ruto is building a Sh1.2Billion house in his Rural home while his brother, Paul Ruto, continues to languish in untold suffering in the village.

This is the alleged Sh1.2Billion house Ruto is building

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  1. Hi, can you please check your facts coz if in your opinion this man is poor then you don't seem to know what poverty is. Or if you know you are just being malicious but please spare us from your hate campaign

  2. Hahahahaaaa.. But I have interacted with Paul!! Paul ain't poor at all! Unless the definition of poverty has changed!Hahahaa.. This is so shallow of you! Poor publication indeed. I can show you what Paul owns. he's comfortable.


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