Did Kalonzo Musyoka ‘Buy’ His Son, Klein, A Degree…..? Find Out Here


It has now emerged that former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka son, Klein, may have acquired his degree through dubious means. Klein Kalonzo name reportedly was missing among the names of the graduands in the graduation booklet fuelling speculation that his degree may have been bought.

According to rumor mills, Klein was not even aware of the degree he had been conferred with when he was asked. He was shielded from further embarrassment when his dad aide Dennis Kavisu answered on his behalf that he graduated with a degree in communication. Kalonzo son was among the 8,000 graduates who had been awarded with degrees in different specialization in the 52nd University of Nairobi attended by his father.
Klein is an upcoming hip hop artist who has recorded a number of songs.

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