Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Erastus Idiot Odhiambo Who Is Suspected Of Killing His Wife May Influence Buruburu Police, LSK Claims…Photos of the Idiot

The Law Society Of Kenya (LSK) will provide a lawyer to help with the prosecution of Erastus “Idiot” Odhiambo who shot his wife dead following an altercation at their BuruBuru home.

According to LSK, Idiot wields a lot of influence at the Buruburu Police Station and the case may be skewed in his favor.

Mr Erastus, is the owner of Latitude Club and is said to be a violent man who threatens his perceived enemies with the gun especially when he is under the influence of alcohol. His wife, Linda Wanjiku, was a lawyer before she met a brutal death.

Here are Photos of the Erastus Idiot Odhiambo...

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