Facebook Love Ends In Tragedy: Briton Who Was Accused Of The Murder Of 22 Year Girlfriend Has Been Set Free By The Court….


The 41 year old Briton who had been charged with the murder of his Kenyan girlfriend has been set free by the court. According to police, 41 year old Carl Cary Singleton had badly beaten Peris Ashley Agumbi Mumtah before flushing her medication into the toilet.
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The 22 year old University of Nairobi Lower Kabete Campus student reported the incident to the police who promptly arrested Mr Singleton. Later Peris fell sick and was rushed to hospital Agha Khan hospital before being transferred to Ladnan Hospital where she died. She was diagnosed with diabetes, respiratory failure and hypertension.

British media had reported that the two had met on Facebook where their ‘love’ blossomed.

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