Fathers in Mombasa Accused of Raping Daughters as Young as 8 years To Become Lethal Witchdoctors


Girls in Mombasa are being raped by their fathers in a bid to become lethal witchdoctors. The area that was singled out for this worrying and notorious vice was Kiembeni, Kashani Location where daughters are given charms by their fathers before they proceed to rape them.

According to Bamburi Assistant Chief Jeremiah Machache, who was speaking during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, unwanted pregnancies that have led to many girls dropping out of school has become the norm.
He went on to warn the perpetrators of dire consequences if the law caught up with them.

“These shameful acts are a disgrace to the community and the law will deal firmly with those found guilty,” The chief was quoted by a local daily as saying.

Grace Odembo, the Coordinator of Solidarity for Women in Distress (Solwodi), speaking on the same event said that upto seven girls who are as young as 8 years are raped daily in Mombasa by their relatives. The girl’s mother never report the incidents claiming that they spend most of their time fetching water and firewood.

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