Friday, December 5, 2014

House Help Admits Having S3x As Employers Two Year Old Child Watched…

A house help found herself in trouble after she was captured by a hidden camera in her employer house having s3x as the boss two year old child watched.

The 26 year old Everlyn Osebe Omweli, oblivious of the hidden camera in the sitting room installed by Mr Kelvin Kangethe, proceeded to engage in the act with unidentified man in the presence of the minor.

The employer was offended when he downloaded the pictures and saw the maid completely nak3d fondling the man. He reported the incident to Capitol Hill Police station and the maid has since been arrested. Ms Osebe admitted to committing the offence. The statement reads in part:

“It is an obscene act committed in the presence of a minor. I felt offended,”

Most employers are installing cameras following the video of the Ugandan house help assaulting a child under her care.

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