Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kameme FM presenter Moses Mwana Wa Kanyira Uses Luo Ethnic Epithets To Abuse Neighbor’s Children….

A mother of two was reeling from anger after her children were called names by a top Kameme FM presenter. It is alleged that Moses Mwana Wa Kanyira used Luo ethnic based epithets to insults her kids. The children’s father is a Luo and the presenter was overhead saying that children mother ‘had no advantage since Uhuru was a free man now’.
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According to a blog that run the story, Moses child was involved in a fight with the neighbors in Zimmerman and he decided to separate them before insulting the poor kids. The matter has been reported to Kasarani Police station under OB number 121/05/12/2014 though the suspect is yet to be arrested.

The lady was quoted as saying;
My children were out playing with his children. Am told that his daughter insulted my daughter and when she asked her way she was insulting her younger sis. His daughter rush to the house and said my children were ganging up on her. Instead of trying to find out what had happened. He just slapped my children
My daughter is 11 yrs, and my nieces are 11 and 8 yrs. My sis went to inquire about the issue but he told her to go Fuck Bensuoda ati Uhuru is a free man
I reported the matter to the police.

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