Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tips To Help You Make Good Money As A Freelancer Writer On iWriter

Making money online as a freelance writer is no child plays especially for a novice writer. While some will attest to making a living out of writing a good number of writers give up for a myriad of reasons. I will explore ways in which you can turn your writing talent into a full time career with iWriter for upstart and seasoned writers. But first what is iWriter?

iWriter is one of the many content writing service that enjoys a huge community of writers and publishers known as Requesters. The writing platform has four categories for writers-Standard, Premium, Elite levels and the recently introduced Elite Plus. Once you sign up as a writer you will start as a Standard writer before advancing to the next categories depending on your writing prowess. iWriter never misses to pay for work that has been accepted. Ensure that you have a paypal account for your payments to be deposited on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Here are some of the tips that will guide you to become an ElitePlus writer…

Write Quality Articles and Develop A Reading Culture
To become a quality writer you must write and be ready to have your articles critiqued. Don’t shy from sharing your articles with established writers to advice and even edit your work. Also develop a habit of reading on a wide array of subjects. Requesters will give you a low rating or reject your work if it has punctuation and grammatical errors. Before submitting your article go through the article to make sure it is flawless.

Only Select Requesters with High Rating

First time writers on iWriter are usually an excitable lot and will pick whatever project on offer. If you are that lot be rest assured that you will be a Standard writer for a very long time. I advise writers to always go for requesters who have a rating of at least 75% rating and have a track record of rating writers highly. Some requesters, no matter how good you are, will give you a low rating. Once you have identified a requester with a good rating give the project you have picked your best. Practice patience when picking any projects if you intend to be an eliteplus writer.

Grasp The Topic
Before embarking on writing an article go through the instructions and make sure you understand the topic. Your article will be rejected if it is off topic. This is something you can easily avoid by following the provided instructions and understanding the topic you are working on.

Sleep Late
The workflow for standard and premium level writers is rather scarce during the day. If you want to succeed and become an elite or eliteplus writer you have to adjust your sleeping habits. Write at night when projects are in plenty.

HardWork And Avoid Trying To Beat The System

Some writers have devised ways of beating the system but very few have been successful. iWriter will ban you once they notice you are using dubious means to get to premium or elite levels. Work hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Requesters who like your work will give you tips.

Avoid Requesters who don’t Give Instructions

If a requester provides vague instructions please avoid his projects. Your work will be rejected or you will get a low rating for a mistake that isn’t use.

Hopefully the above tips will make your writing experience with iWriter smooth sailing.

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