Ugandans Are Invading Our Space And Defecating On Our Hospitality…


Kenya is an open society that largely respects the rule of law and is well known for its hospital citizenry. We treat foreigners with kid’s cloves and many have mistaken that for a weakness. One country that treats us like trash is Uganda starting with their head of states who likes to lectures us on the ICC and a host of other issues.
Here are the top four Ugandans who have invaded our space both positively and negatively

H.E Yoweri Museveni-Uganda President
He will never miss any public function in Kenya. The Uganda President has made it his business to lecture us on how we should deal with the ICC and the Western powers. This is the same guy who used force to claim Kenya’s Migingo Island and station his police officers in the tiny island. It is ironical that the Uganda head of state can castigate the West for interfering with Kenya sovereignty when he doing the same.

Matsanga David-Mercenary
This burly of a man is disillusioned that Kenyans love him. The loud mouthed Matsanga has tried in vain to catch President Uhuru Kenyatta ear by castigating the ICC whenever he gets a chance. Well, he has managed to make our President look like the dictators and murderous figures he has been associated with in the past. Matsanga, who is more of a mercenary, should pack and go to Uganda where human rights are trampled with impunity and try to fix it.

Anne Kansiime-Comedian
On the flipside we have some Ugandans who have enchanted us and we have grown to love them. Anne Kansiime is arguably one of the female comedians in Africa and she has become the darling of many in Kenya.

Dan Sserunkuma
His scoring prowess won him many Gor Mahia fans and his departure from the club will be missed. The diminutive Ugandan was this year top scorer.
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