Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Was Nonini Badly Clobbered And Nearly Killed By Jua Cali…..Find Out Here

Kenya celebrated Genge artist Nonini has rubbished rumors that he was involved in a fight that left him with a bloody face.
According to the blog that ran the story, Nonini and Jua Cali fought near Norfolk Hotel opposite KBC offices. It further claims that if it was not for bouncers who were quick to intervene the end result would have been fatal.
Nonini stated on his facebook timeline;

Blogs always stoop to new levels of low just to get guys to click...hahaha SAD!

Here is the article that appeared on the blog

Nonini and Jua Cali fight publicly.

Calif Records is a very renowned music production record company in kenya. It is known for producing for the pioneer Wagenge in kenya.
Jua Cali and nonini are one of the first Genge artists in kenya. The two, alongside another bigshot (Clemo) are said to be the founders of Calif Records. Reliable sources claim that Nonini came with a mic, Jua Cali with a mixer, while Clemo had a P2 computer.
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However, the three have always been in a competition. Jua Cali is said not to have been an artiste but later became an artiste. Nonini has always claimed to be the godfather of Genge and on the other side Jua Cali claims to be ‘baba wa genge’.
The two have been fighting to be recognized as the founder of Genge since they came to the limelight. Their first Genge collabo song was ‘vile tutafanya’ featuring Prezzo and it was a great hit.

Nonini and Jua Cali fought in Norfolk Hotel opposite KBC offices in Nairobi in 2012 , leaving nonini in serious injuries as indicated in our images. Their fight came as a fight for supremacy and were it not for the bouncers, it would have ended fatally.
The two however have tried to keep their respect by not abusing each other publicly. Their fight for recognition as the founder of Genge is not expected to end soon though.

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