Saturday, December 6, 2014

William Ruto Is Not Happy Following The Withdrawal Of ICC case Against Uhuru Kenyatta....Jubilee Is Now Good As Dead

The Deputy President must be feeling the heat following the withdrawal of the crime against humanity charges leveled against President Uhuru Kenyatta at the ICC Hague based court. It is instructive to mention from the onset that what led to the formation of the Jubilee coalition was the case that faced the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

With Uhuru case withdrawn, the umbilical cord that enjoined the two has been severed. According to Robert Alai the shortlived honeymoon has come to a frightening end to the Kalenjin community. This is what he posted on social media:

With the withdrawal of Uhuru's case, Jubilee is dead. Honeymoon is over so you will see how Jubilee member parties massacre each other and crumble the coalition now.

Do you wonder why TNA is planning to discipline Nyokabi for fixing Uhuru but not ready to sack Mutea Iringo and Nancy Gitau for fixing Ruto?

The more sober minded Macharia Gaitho believes that by freeing President Kenyatta while his Deputy remains in the dock, she may alter the Kenyan political scene albeit inadvertently.

Here is part of the opinion Gaitho wrote on Daily Nation....

If the common International Criminal Court shackles are what held them together, then there are justifiable fears things could start falling apart if the Kalenjin feel they have been left holding the short end of the stick as long as Mr Ruto and Mr Sang remain the only ones still fighting the threat of lengthy jail terms.

How fragile the situation could become has occasionally been seen over the past year, whenever Mr Ruto’s key political allies voiced frustrations over the retention in government of key public servants inherited from the Kibaki government, whom they accuse of “fixing” Mr Ruto at the the international court.

In the cross hairs have been former Public Service head and present Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia, Defence Principal Secretary Mueta Iringo, political adviser Nancy Gitau and former National Intelligence Service boss Michael Gichangi.

Maj-Gen Gichangi has since been removed from office and Mr Kimemia demoted somehow by losing the powerful post of Public Service boss. Mr Iringo was also removed from the powerful post as PS in charge of Interior and Coordination of National Government. Defence is still an equally senior position, but comes with less capacity to control security and government administrative organs.

However, these changes might not have been specifically to placate Mr Ruto, but as part of President Kenyatta’s efforts to create his own power base rather than retain what he inherited from President Kibaki.

Eyebrows were raised just a few days ago when a political strategist known to consult for Harambee House placed a Facebook post suggesting that the Mandera terrorist attacks were intended to create room for impeachment of President Kenyatta so that the next in line could take over.

How deep feelings run at the lower levels was captured on Facebook not too long ago when a journalist generally regarded as part of President Kenyatta’s social media propaganda outfit posted a disparaging comment on Mr Ruto and the Kalenjin people. The response was instant, with many contributors revealing the depth of animosity towards the Kikuyu.

This will definitely be the genesis of the end of the Jubilee Coalition.
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