Monday, December 8, 2014

Yvonne Okwara Wedding Venue Was Changed Several Times To Avoid Andrew Matole Legal Wife & Girlfriends from Storming and disrupting the wedding…

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Kenyan foremost TV presenter, Yvonne Okwara, wedded his lover Andrew Matole Konde in a low key invite only affair. It has now emerged that the wedding venue had to be changed at least three times to avoid Andrew Matole wife from storming and disrupting Yvonne special day.
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According to one blogger, Andrew has a string of girlfriends and has sired a number of children out of wedlock. The 47 year old Matole is reported to have been married to Alice Manyole Matole and they had three children; Linda, Emmanuel and Faith. Andrew went on to sire another child with Maryanne Muthoni Waruingi. Alice separated from Andrew thanks to his philandering tendency.

Here is an email Alice sent to Andrew’s colleague accusing him of womanizing and siring children out of wedlock…

Matole, We know of all your philandering ways and its just a matter of time before we are able to forward this information Alice Manyola. We also know about the children you have sired out of wedlock and the way you go sleeping around with women with no regard to your matrimonial vows or infecting your wife with a bad disease!!!!! I know you will be suprised to know that one of your mistresses boyfriend passed away a short while ago of AIDS yet that does not stop you from putting your wife at risk. Be very warned, we are trying to reach your wife with evidence of you, your children and mistresses!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MEN, EVEN SLEEPING WITH HOUSEGIRLS!!

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