Thursday, January 15, 2015

14 family members of Yebei Viewed his Body Several Times and Confirmed it was their Brothers

Meshack Yebei's family still insists that the body found badly mutilated floating in River Yala is their brother even after DNA tests linked the body to Yusuf.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had issued a statement stating that Yebei had been
implicated in bribing anti-Ruto witnesses. This forced OTP to strike out the name of Yebei. The defense team of Deputy President Ruto led by Khan however claimed that the witness had been threatened by an ICC prosecution witness.

Veteran investigative journalist Dennis Onsarigo questioned the version of the police on social media;

Fourteen family members identified the body of Yebei, finger prints ruled that out. Now “DNA” says its someone did we get here

Curiously Deputy President Lawyer Khan had demanded for DNA test to ascertain if the body belonged to Meshack Yebei even after the family opposed affirming that it was indeed their brother.

The big questions remains: is Yebei alive? Who is hiding him? Is the prosecution or the defense teams in any way? Was is body swapped and why? Only time will tell.

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