Thursday, January 8, 2015

Am The One Who Killed Fidel Odinga, Paul Kobia Overheard Bragging To Friends At Buffet Park

An influential businessman who is said to be well connected to State House was overhead bragging to Friends and Buffet Park owner, Mr Muya that he was behind the death of Fidel Odinga, reports Kawatungu.

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Paul Kobia, who is referred to as a thug and runway killer in the article, said that he killed Raila Odinga’s son for organizing his assault on Tuesday night at Buffet Park. According to the allegations who cannot independently verify, friends of Fidel who heard the confession alerted police officers.

Security officers have not taken any actions since he reportedly enjoys State House protection. Paul Kobia is said to have access to chase cars and has a cache of weapons.

Breaking News: Paul Kobia Has Been Arrested Over Fidel Odinga Killing

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