Friday, January 9, 2015

Celebrated Cricketer Maurice Odumbe Deeps Into Alcoholism, Drugs And Depression Cries For Help On #JKL

He was arguably one of the best cricketers in the world thanks to his exploits on the pitch. Maurice Odumbe made a very little known sport in the country famous and all Kenyans loved and wanted to associate with him until his fortunes started to dwindle.

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Watching him on #JKL yesterday was heartrending has the shabby looking Maurice Odumbe narrated his rise to fame and eventual downfall amid sobs. It was not lost to Robert Burale who had rescued him how the former cricketer was generous to a fault. Burale, who was also in the JKL show, was the one who came to the rescue of Odumbe who he met in town.

Odumbe cannot even afford a square meal a day and he even contemplated being a tea boy. The cricketer agreed to go to rehabilitation when Jeff asked him if he would consider such help.

Here is what Robert Burale posted on the social media:

Sad afternoon. ..I bumped into my old friend Maurice odumbe.... once the best cricketer in this side of the world..he put Kenya in the map..every newspaper was ODUMBE THE BEST. ...ODUMBE THE MAN. .but now he is left to wallow in desperation and living like a beggar (his own words)...and he tells me that IBRAHIM BILALI the former boxer is even worse..DO WE FORGET OUR HEROES,??? SAAAAAAD. (I put up this post in Maurice's presence) LETS HELP HIM

Those willing to help Maurice Odumbe can send their contribution to 0727 011 858.

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