Saturday, January 17, 2015

‘Dr Bishop’ Victor Kanyari Wanted Mbegu To Pray For Larry Madowo….Here Is The Poorly Worded Text He Sent Madowo Apologizing Why he wouldn’t Appear On The Trend (The Guy Cannot Even Spell Hundred!!!)

Many Kenyans were glued on their TV sets waiting for the Dr Kanyari interview that was to be aired on NTV’s The Trend hosted by Larry Madowo.

The self styled con pastor then wrote a poorly worded text message stating that he was held up and could not make. A day before the show Larry had told Kanyiri on phone that he was unwell and the pastor asked for mbegu to pray for him.

It was a big relief that Larry guest and host of the popular JKL programme, Jeff Koinange, did not disappoint. Watching the two veterans engage each other was indeed hilarious. Jeff Koinange feigned that he could not even pronounce Larry’s second and like he usually does, took the opportunity to market his must read book.

But it was Victor Kanyari who had excited Kenyans until he wrote this text message…

Tell Larry I’m very sorry I will not be able to come kwa sababu ya mambo furani priz. Mwabie aombe wakenya msamaha kwa ajili yangu kukosa kufika lakini nitapaga nije sorry sorry a hardred time……….

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