Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Esther Passaris Labeled A Hoe And She Didn’t Take The Insult Kindly…..

Esther Passaris fired back when one Omwenga tweeted that she used her p@##y to make it big. Earlier, the superfine ageless Passaris had weighed in on the Vihiga incest piece that run on NTV.

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Omwenga without provocation tweeted:

"Don't act all holier that thou, We all know you used your %%$$ to make it.."

The matter would have gone unnoticed if Passaris had chosen to let go but instead she fired back.

"...And You know because you were my pimp? You are a disgrace to your mother,Your Sister and Daughter. What did you trade to make it?

And this is how it went down….

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