Friday, January 16, 2015

Gloria Muliro Money Hungry Congolese Husband Slept With Young Choir Girls, Threatened Her With Death, Called Her A bad Cook and Barren…Heartbreaking

Gospel powerhouse Gloria Muliro has come out to talk about her troubled marriage to Congolese husband Eric Omba.
The artist narrated how the pastor husband slept around with young girls who called them mum and dad. She singles out Esther Maina aka Sly and Trizzah among the girls who would spend endless night with the pastor on other agendas other than recording songs.
One Cobby Joe, who works with Spotlight Productions was quoted saying;

“He would bring young girls to the studio in the name of clients but for days they would not record a song as they were not given studio time. You could see that they were there on a different agenda and constantly I would rebuke him, warning him that the girls would soon spoil his name. But this just got me into trouble”
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Joe went on to accuse Eric of shouting at Gloria like a small kid in front of people but the singer stay put to save her marriage. She alleges that Eric woke up one morning oacked his stuff that included a mattess, TV set and utensil and walked out of the marriage without even a goodbye.

Gloria Muliro goes on to accuse the husband of unmatched greed.

“Let me say that my first shock was on our wedding night. After the wedding ceremony was over and we were left at PCEA Guest House where we were to spend the night, I went to the bathroom to shower only to come back and find Eric opening the gift envelopes, removing the cash and throwing the envelopes in the bin then stashing the money in his pockets.

Muliro Husband denies ever cheating although it is said that Sly Rochelle William, as she calls herself on facebook, boosted to friends how handsome Eric was and how close they were.

“The closeness between Sly and Eric knew no boundaries. Whenever they were together, he never used to behave like a married man. She went ahead to tell other girls that she had never seen a man as handsome as Eric and that she knew he did not love me. I came to find out that they were having an affair, just like he was with other girls. He would tell me that openly through provoking messages that he would post on Facebook and Twitter,” Gloria told a local Daily

The husband still insists that he loves Gloria and its normal for relationships to have up and downs.

All the misunderstandings in the family should be solved through dialogue and not violence and that is what I would insist on. If there is a separation issue here, I can’t really talk about that as that is not me. I love her and she is the only woman I know so how can I talk of separation,” he says.


Anonymous said...

My sister no one in this world we are living you can trust beside lord GOD you are serving so leave every thin to God not man [man will just laugh at you ] pray hard

Anonymous said...

Trust me, most Congolese men are lazy and promiscuous! they only marry hardworking Kenyan women for money. Leave him and never look back. Am telling you this from experience. He is insisting he still loves you coz he misses the money, fame and the luxury you brought into his life.