Friday, January 16, 2015

Gospel Artist Ambassada Kamba Girlfriend Cheats On Him With A 70 Year Old Man…

Ugandan musician based in Kenya broke up with his girlfriend of 8 months after he discovered that she was seeing a 70 year old moneyed man.
Ambassada Ex-Girlfriend Celestine Mwikali

The bitter artist had announced on national TV that he intended to marry Celestine Mwikali when their relationship was all rosy. Her ex had started being distant prompting him to snoop on her phone and that’s when he discovered Celestine had moved on.

He told a weekly;

“I was disgusted to find out that she was communicating with an elderly man who must have been in his 70s. When I asked her to explain she simply walked away.”

Celestine has however denied being in a relationship with Ambassada saying that they are good friends. She also denied dating a man in his 70’s.

So who is to be believed?

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