Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Sought By Tanzania Police On Abortion Allegations and May Serve 7 years In Jail If Found Guilty


East Africa gospel powerful Rose Muhando is being sought by police for allegedly procuring an abortion, reports AfricaTrendingNews. According to reports emerging from Tanzania Muhando would have delivered her fourth child if she had carried her pregnancy to term.

Those in the know claim that Muhando may have terminated the pregnancy to hide the identity of the father who is reportedly a fellow performer and to avoid obvious backlash from the church.

The allegations have caused a furor among her fans, fellow artists and leaders who have castigated her for going against Christian teachings she professes through her energetic shows.

If Rose Muhando is found guilty she is liable to serve a sentence of upto 7 years and the doctor who assisted in procuring the abortion 14 years behind bars.

Gospel Artists Union secretary general Stella Joel said that actions will be taken to Muhando indeed she procured an abortion.

“Abortion is a criminal offence, so if the police take action on it, we will also follow suit. For now we can do nothing about it. We are only hearing it in the media and social sites and when we ask her she is denying the allegations,” Stella told the Tanzania media.

When the artist was reached for comment by the blog she neither denied of confirmed the allegations

“There are a lot of stories going around and about me, one of them being abortion of a 7 months pregnancy and I might be arrested”

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  1. i agree abortion is not good in the eyes of the lord , but to be arrested for 7 years thats non of the polices business ,thats a battle btw her and her faith non of us can judge and honestly no one has taken the complaint


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