Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heartless Mugo Wa Wairimu Claims Fidel Odinga Was A Criminal And Bh@ng Smoker..See Posts

The heartless vitriolic pronouncements spewed by Mugo Wa Wairimu following the death of Fidel Odinga can only be termed as alarming and disrespectful to the family, friends and supporters of the Odinga’s. Mugo Wa Wairimu has gone ahead to post on the social media Raila Odinga criminal record wondering why Kenyans are making a big deal out of the death of a criminal.

Irked by his sentiments, Dennis Itumbi weighed in and asked Mugo Wa Wairimu to moderate his sharp tongue. CORD’s Phil Etale termed Mugo’s posts as alarming.

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Here is what he posted on the social media

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