Sunday, January 18, 2015

Names of Hundreds Of Mungiki Youths Who Were Presumably Sent To Naivasha And Nakuru To Kill Or Eject Luo’s, Kalenjins and ODM Allied Tribes Released By ICC with Permission of Their Families(See Names)

Witnesses recanting their evidence or going missing or worse still being found dead like the case of Meshack Yebei has become the norm. ICC, with the permission of the victims families, have released names of Mungiki youths who allegedly took part in the forceful eviction, rape and murder of Kalenjins, Luo’s and tribes thought to be leaning to ODM in the 2007 General Elections. The youths were reportedly ferried from Nairobi and central province to Nakuru and Naivasha.

The names were made public by the ICC prosecutor after they ruled that such sensitive secret information against Kenyatta should be made public.
Here Is The List

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