Interracial Relationship Never Last In Kenya….Here Are Just Some of the Marriages That Ended Badly


The Bukusu Lover and Sarika Patel fairy tale came to a rather predictable end-separation. Now Sarika is pleading with her parents to forgive and give her a second chance. Here are some more interracial relationship that never worked…..

‘Bukusu Lover’ Khamala and Sarika Patel
This relationship was what fairytales are made of. A rich Indian girl falling heads over heels in love with a hustler against her parents and relatives wishes. The two married and the media loved them. It was unfortunate that the marriage ended the way it did with Sarika accusing Khamala of being violent.

Singer Kendi And Russell Booth
Russel Booth was a man in love and showered Kendi with goodies believing that their relationship would led to something bigger. Now the poor Briton wants to fly to Kenya to repossesses the cars and other gifts she had given Kendi. Kendi on her part says she wanted to have children with Russel only to learn that he had had a vasectomy. She called it quits.

Philip Moi And Rossana Pluda
Their marriage ended acrimoniously with Philip Moi playing hide and seek with police after a warrant of arrest of issued against him. He was given a breathing space when he paid Sh8.1 million to the Italian. Philip told the court that he is not employed thus could not raise Sh250,000 monthly payments to Pluda.

Maurice Odumbe and Katherine Maloney

When he appeared on Jeff Koinange Live on KTN, the legendary cricketer Maurice Odumbe was a pale shadow of his former self. He shed tears when he narrated his story of alleged match fixing and being banned for five years from the sport he loved touching many in the process. Odumbe who is separated from her wife Katherine Maloney blames her for his woes. He told a local daily;

You claimed that your wife sold you out… Yes, that is true. She was approached by investigators and I don’t know what they promised her to say the things she did. They believed whatever she told them. It was a witch hunt, like they were out to get me and teach me a lesson. I wouldn’t be surprised if money changed hands.

Abbas & Baby G
This was probably the shortest lived celebrity marriage in Kenya. Abbas and Baby G had two weddings!!! Baby G parents were against the union but she was determined and disappointed shortly after.

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