Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali Recruits Al Shabaab To Fight Kenyan Government..Message Reads On Defaced Star Website By Hackers….


One of Kenya fiercely independent newspaper the Star was yesterday temporarily defaced by hackers who proceeded to post pro-Islamist propaganda praising Kenya foremost investigative journalist for playing a pivotal role in recruiting mujahedeen.

The Message that Appeared On the Star defaced Website

The message that appeared on the website was dismissed as a ploy to soil the name of Ali who has been questioning the land grabbing fiasco at Langa’ta primary school where children were tear gassed and is said to be working on an investigative piece to unearth the identity of the land grabber. This is said to have rubbed the powers that be the wrong way.

The social media was abuzz with messages supporting Ali and accusing the government of mischief.

Media Council of Kenya had threatened to close down the Star for publishing offensive material and pictures.

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